The Provisional House

I’ve always wondered at the story behind your icon.

I first used it on the Tamriel Rebuilt site in 2004. It came from a G4TechTV newsletter talking about a site outage, the original image had the squirrel sitting on a phoneline with cables chewed up. I’m not sure if it already had red eyes or I added those. For a brief period the eyes actually used to blink, but I decided to keep it simple. 

Hi there Lady N. Would you by any chance know the address of those old pre-Morrowind forums where Devs also engaged in role-playing? from Anonymous

Hm, as I recall, there were several. The old Storyboard on The Essential Site was the main one (I think) in addition to the official Redguard forums. The Wayback Machine doesn’t really archive forums, but you can still check out The Essential Site here and the Redguard website here.

ive been working on this mod with a big team that recreates Morrowind in Skyrim (not Skywind) since its 4E. Kinda wanna make a cute little rodent that looks like your icon. from Anonymous

I was going to say yes, but I don’t think there are any mammals in Vvardenfell outside of rats? 

I would be very honored to have a blue rat with red eyes be made in my image. 

I don't know if you already have heard of it, but what do you think about Skywind project? from Anonymous

There’s some truly top-notch work coming out of the project. To be honest, I kinda care more about it as an art factory than as a mod. 

Has Valkari ever experienced any negativity due to her being a powerful lady in male-dominated Skyrim? from Anonymous



Skyrim is hardly male dominated…at all. Women are blacksmiths, jarls, thanes, warriors, mercenaries, soldiers, bandits, assassins, refugees, fugitives, business owners, matriarchs, legends etc. 

there’s pretty much nothing a man in Skyrim can do that a female character has not also been shown doing. 

So, no, Valkari being a “powerful lady” in Skyrim would probably not earn her any negativity because that mindset seems to be largely minimal in Skyrim and for most of Tamriel it seems. 

Also! The original Nordic pantheon is actually headed up by a trio of ladies: Dibella, Mara, and Kyne. If there’s any place in Tamriel that’d totally embrace a powerful woman, it’s definitely Skyrim. 

Septima Tharn. I wish we could have spent more time with her, I really liked her as an antagonist. 

Septima Tharn. I wish we could have spent more time with her, I really liked her as an antagonist.